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A roof made of glass or polymer film? A cabriolet greenhouse or a semi-closed greenhouse? Each type of crop requires its own greenhouse solution.

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We have learned over the years that soft fruits can be grown equally well in glass and polymer film greenhouses, whereas fruits and vegetables such as cucumbers, tomatoes or bell peppers are better grown in glass greenhouses. In other words, if a grower is to be able to get a great crop yield, he must make a well-informed decision as to what materials and type of greenhouse to use. Which is to say: the type of greenhouse used must not only be right for the geographic and climatological challenges to be met, but must also be appropriate for the type of crop to be grown and the manner in which it is to be grown (organically, with or without fresh air, etc.). To help you get the best possible crop yields, we combine individual elements such as aluminum roofing materials, ventilation technology and cultivation gutters. In designing and performing the calculations for the greenhouse roof to be constructed, we take into account the requirements for the cultivation of particular crops, as well as the crop loads.

Lumenex™ Solar

The Lumenex™ Solar system is a durable and structurally strong self-supporting greenhouse structure specifically designed to integrate framed and unframed solar panels in Venlo and wide-span greenhouses. With this system, we look closely at the application of the greenhouse building and the desired greenhouse climate beforehand. This is used to determine the most optimal use of solar panels in a crop area, room or corridor.


Lumenex™ Venlo Sandwich

The Lumenex® Venlo Sandwich greenhouse roof system is ideal for the integrated realization of processing and storage areas, as well as for cold storage and boiler houses. The system is ideally suited for easy connection of insulation panels to the glass greenhouse structure. 


Lumenex™ Widespan

The Lumenex™ Wide Span is often used in growing environments where automated internal transport is important. With its large spans and low number of columns, this wide-span greenhouse roof system is also suitable for garden centres. 


Lumenex™ MX Cabrio

The Lumenex™ MX Cabrio greenhouse roof system combines the advantages of growing in a greenhouse with the outdoor growing climate by fully opening the roof. This makes it ideal for crops such as bedding plants, trees and plants that benefit from an outdoor period at appropriate times.


Greenhouse sidewall system

As well as appearance, insulation is an important consideration when choosing a greenhouse sidewall. This is why we offer a wide range of sidewall profiles. Regardless of the insulation, glass thickness and/or finish, we always have a suitable solution.


Multispan poly greenhouse system

The growing global demand for modern greenhouses brings new challenges. In particular, geographical and climatic conditions (erosion, earthquakes, prolonged heat, severe storms, extreme rain and hailstorms, snow, etc.) are challenging growers, greenhouse builders and greenhouse-related suppliers to modify and innovative existing greenhouse system designs.


Poly MX Cabrio

The Poly MX Cabrio is a foil-integrated greenhouse roof system with a fully opening deck for maximum ventilation. This makes it the ideal solution for crops such as bedding plants, trees and plants that need to thrive in an outdoor climate at appropriate times.


Lumenex™ Venlo high-tech foil greenhouse roof system

For locations where system ageing due to UV radiation, pollution or mechanical stress, such as extreme weather conditions and/or earthquakes, is a concern, our innovative Lumenex™ Venlo greenhouse cover system is the ideal solution. Because this system can also be adapted to incorporate high-tech films, you can be sure that your crop is robustly protected. 


Lumenex™ Venlo

Since the introduction of our Lumenex™ greenhouse system in 1993, this type of greenhouse has proven to be very reliable in many areas. The knowledge and experience with this system has led to further innovation of our in-house extruded aluminum greenhouse profiles. As a result, the current Lumenex™ Venlo greenhouse system seamlessly meets the key requirements of maximum strength, optimum light transmission and energy efficiency.



  • Revolutionary alternative to insulated glass
  • Optimal light transmission
  • Energy savings of almost 30%

The 2SaveEnergy® cover system offers you a practical and economical solution for highly energy-efficient cultivation.


Daylight Greenhouse®

  • New generation greenhouse systems
  • Fully equipped with double glazing
  • Moveable energy collectors
  • Self-sufficient in energy

This system can cover approximately 50% of the heat demand and creates optimal light distribution for the plants, resulting in improved quality and production.


ID Greenhouse®

  • Up to 60% energy savings
  • Maximum light penetration
  • No need for an additional energy screen
  • Lower water consumption
  • Can run on low-grade (earth) heat
  • Provides a very uniform climate

A highly sustainable system that uses double glazing with a reflective layer for the greenhouse roof and walls.


S-house™ roof system

The innovative S-House™ deck system creates a spacious commercial or manufacturing space, or even an indoor farm.

 The system is an ideal highly insulating solution when the indoor climatic environment needs to be precisely controlled. With the S-House™ system, you can create the perfect climatic environment for your business, where functionality and comfort come together.


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