MX Cabrio

Lumenex™ MX Cabrio system
optimal ventilation

The Lumenex™ MX Cabrio greenhouse roof system combines the advantages of growing in a greenhouse with the outdoor growing climate by fully opening the roof. This makes it ideal for crops such as bedding plants, trees and plants that benefit from an outdoor period at appropriate times.

The system has multiple ventilation options and can be covered with glass or polycarbonate.

  • The greenhouse roof system can be opened fully (vertically), allowing heat and moisture to escape easily and plants to be exposed directly to the sun;
  • The roof system can be opened in a number of positions, e.g. a small opening creates a 'chimney effect' for high levels of ventilation;
  • Features bolted windows and solid gutter support;
  • The PVC cover strips and rubber seals, together with a large condensation drain, ensure good waterproofing and insulation.

Technical Information

The Lumenex™ MX Open Roof System is available in different spans, 3.20, 4.00, 4.27m and 12ft. All these spans can be fitted with 4mm glass, 16mm polycarbonate or single/double poly film. This system can be opened and closed using 3 different operator systems, each with its own specific features:

Lumenex™ MX-1 Open Roof

The original MX system with the world's most square windows. The vents are opened by a central drive shaft connected to a push and pull rod system. Next to the drive shaft, the steel A-frame supports a small gutter to collect condensation water at the top of the ridge. When the vents are slightly open, rainwater is also collected. Both louvers are connected to the same shaft and therefore open simultaneously.

Lumenex™ MX-2 Open Roof

The MX-2 can handle larger spans and higher wind and snow loads. Two superimposed push-pull rods can open more vents simultaneously. More vents open simultaneously with fewer motors and racks. Another big advantage for growers is that the vents open independently and still have a relatively small gutter in the ridge.

Lumenex™ MX-4 Sunroof

All of the MX-4's aluminium vent profiles have been redesigned to provide greater rigidity for the new opening system. The unique feature is that the vents are stacked, allowing growers to open the roof when it is raining or when direct sunlight is undesirable. Two push-pull rods on the side of the truss can control the vents independently.

Benefits at a glance

  • Fully open greenhouse roof system, multiple positions possible;
  • Solid and reliable;
  • High water tightness;
  • Good insulation;
  • Available in different spans;
  • Suitable for covering with various thicknesses of glass and/or polycarbonate;
  • Choice of three different types of operator.

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