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Aluminum greenhouse systems designed to help you grow crops in a controlled environment, wherever you are, whatever the circumstances.


BOAL Systems

In 1970, BOAL Systems began to provide local growers with aluminum greenhouse roofing and sidewall systems for the cultivation of crops in a controlled environment. 

More than 50 years onwards, the company has grown into a leading partner to companies across the world that grow crops in glass and polymer film greenhouses, providing its clients with a wide range of greenhouse roofing systems. Suitable for glass, polymer film, insulation and solar energy applications, among other applications.

Thanks to our close collaboration with well-reputed knowledge institutions such as Wageningen University & Research (WUR) and TNO (the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research), we are able to keep innovating and to make a long-term contribution to global food production.

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The world’s population is growing, and is expected to increase by some 2 billion people within the next 30 years. By that time, nearly 10 billion people will need healthy food. At the same time, fertile agricultural soil, clean water and drinking water are growing increasingly scarce, partly due to climate change. This being the case, meeting the growing demand for food will be quite the challenge.

Through Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA), we seek to do what we can do to allow growers all over the world to produce healthy food and grow essential flowers and plants locally all year round, with due respect for our planet and all the people and animals living on it – irrespective of the conditions!

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Our experienced Research & Development team closely collaborates with several prominent organisations and institutions around the world and keeps a close eye on technological developments and horticultural trends. To see our successful innovations, look no further than our latest greenhouses, such as the ID Greenhouse®, the Daylight Greenhouse®, 2SaveEnergy® and BOAL F-CLEAN®.

BOAL Systems provides its clients with custom-made solutions. We love to challenge our experienced developers and engineers to come up with ingenious system solutions, ready for implementation, based both on the wishes formulated by our clients and on their own technical expertise – solutions that optimise crop continuity and crop yields.

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Since we seek to act in accordance with the ESG principles (Environmental, Social and Governance), and because we have this global expertise in greenhouse farming, BOAL Systems and its partners in greenhouse construction strive to enable growers to do the following:

  • Reduce their use of clean water and drinking water
  • Grow healthy crops all year round, in an efficient manner
  • Realise greater and high-quality crop yields
  • Minimise the use of pesticides
  • Achieve a pleasant living and working environment
Our innovative greenhouse roofing and sidewall solutions have allowed both BOAL Systems and our clients to be successful. We build together so that we can keep growing, now and in the future.
- Stefan Cornelissen, Director Engineering

The right solution for the right place – wherever you are! Your greenhouse project will be designed in accordance with local construction standards, using state-of-the-art 3D tooling and TNO-designed software.

Building greenhouses safely, efficiently and sustainably around the world, in accordance with ISO and CE quality standards! These are our core principles in our collaborative partnerships with our partners in greenhouse construction.

Locally grow your crops all year round, in a sustainable manner. Our greenhouses will help you obtain the best possible crop yield, with minimal use of natural resources.

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We develop, engineer and produce greenhouses for builders and growers
in over 50 countries

Our expertise in and extensive knowledge of what is needed in different parts of the world allow growers to cultivate their crops profitably and sustainably all year round, with minimal use of natural resources. In association with our partners in greenhouse construction, we have gained more than 50 years’ worth of experience in erecting greenhouse projects in regions where geographical and climatological conditions can be harsh and challenging.

Our solutions

CEA – Controlled Environment Agriculture

Grow crops without using pesticides and reduce your water and energy consumption, while at the same time increasing your crop continuity and crop yields. A properly roofed-over crop-growing environment allows growers to cultivate healthy crops efficiently and sustainably, regardless of the local circumstances. We use our expertise and extensive knowledge of crop cultivation in controlled environments to ensure (in association with our commercial partners) that you always have the best possible greenhouse solution? For your particular situation, anywhere in the world!



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