Lumenex™ Wide cover
spatial effect

The Lumenex™ Wide Span is often used in growing environments where automated internal transport is a primary concern. The wide span greenhouse roof system is also well suited for garden centers due to its large spans with few columns.

The Wide Span greenhouse roof system, with its high ventilation capacity through continuous vents on both sides or on one side of the ridge, can be easily covered with various thicknesses of glass, polycarbonate, solar and insulation panels, just like the Venlo greenhouse roof system.

  • With clean profiles and covers, the wide-span greenhouse roof system offers an attractive design;
  • Strong joints ensure a solid and durable structure;
  • Tight, precise transitions, continuous cover strips and integrated condensation drainage contribute to the high watertightness of the greenhouse roof system.

Technical specifications

Our Lumenex™ wide-span greenhouse roof system offers an attractively finished roof structure, thanks to the aluminum gutter construction, optimum roof bar profiling, narrow stacking profiles and well-padded ridge. One with strong connections between the glazing profiles to better absorb loads and differences in expansion.

During the development of the wide-span greenhouse roof system, much attention has been paid to the possibilities of using our stacking profile to increase watertightness and further optimize condensation drainage.

The system has now been designed so that a continuous strip of roof bar runs over the stacking profile, preventing an opening in the direction of rainwater flow. In addition, a condensation gutter has been incorporated into the stacking profile, which ends on two sides in the condensation gutter of the roof rail. This allows condensation water to be collected per pane and drained separately from the rainwater.

The wide cover system is available for 4, 16 and 22 to 26 mm thick cover material. The 4 mm system is for single glazing, the 16 mm system is for polycarbonate or acrylic and the 2 to 26 mm system is for double glazing. The Greenhouse Roof System can be fitted with single- or double-sided ridge ventilation and integrated insect screen systems from various suppliers.

Benefits at a glance

  • Benefits at a glance:
  • Visually appealing construction;
  • Solid and reliable;
  • High light transmission;
  • Maximum water tightness;
  • Separate rain and condensation drainage;
  • Resilient to changing outside temperatures due to large air buffer;
  • Designed for maximum loads;
  • Suitable for use on deck washers or repair carts;
  • Energy saving;
  • Suitable for a variety of integrated insect screen systems.

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