Roof System

The S-house™ roof system
Insulation at its best

The innovative S-House™ deck system creates a spacious commercial or manufacturing space, or even an indoor farm.

  • The system is an ideal highly insulating solution when the indoor climatic environment needs to be precisely controlled;
  • With the S-House™ system, you can create the perfect climatic environment for your business, where functionality and comfort come together.

Technical information

The S-House™system is the ideal solution for creating a large floor area for various industrial purposes. Thanks to the use of large steel spans, a lot of free floor space is created, which is extremely suitable for housing (processing) machinery, logistic processes and (cultivation) production activities.

By minimizing the number of connected profiles and using high quality insulation materials, heat loss through thermal transmittance is minimized and the indoor climate remains stable. In addition, the system limits condensation on the inside of the deck. 

In addition, the advanced sandwich system, suitable for panels of 40, 60, 80 and 100 mm thickness, ensures optimal insulation and control of the indoor climate.

The system is easily installed on the box section of the steel substructure, creating a durable deck with impressive load-bearing capacity relatively quickly.

For a seamless and technically sound transition to different coverings, the S-House™ system uses special transition profiles. Carefully designed and manufactured to provide a tight and efficient integration between the S-House™ system and the desired covering, such as glass.

Benefits at a glance

  • Suitable for use as a freestanding structure with large spans;
  • Sleek and highly insulating design;
  • Designed for easy and durable installation;
  • Smart condensation and leakage management.


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