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Lumenex™ Solar system
safe and reliable customisation

The Lumenex™ Solar system is a durable and structurally strong self-supporting greenhouse structure specifically designed to integrate framed and unframed solar panels in Venlo and wide-span greenhouses. With this system, we look closely at the application of the greenhouse building and the desired greenhouse climate beforehand. This is used to determine the most optimal use of solar panels in a crop area, commercial area or corridor.

  • Double use of the surface;
  • Strong construction;
  • Extremely suitable for low-light crops, corridors and premises;
  • Additional drainage system prevents water damage to the PV panels;
  • Optimal ventilation and therefore excellent cooling of the PV panels.

Technical Information

With the Lumenex™ Solar greenhouse roof system, we are always looking for the best, strongest and most heat-resistant solution, where the panel and frame fit together seamlessly. To guarantee this:

  • For example, the panels are rubberized on four sides, inside and out, as standard; 
  • We use a neoprene rubber for optimum sealing;
  • We clamp the solar panels properly by using high quality screwed cover strips on both the roof bar and the gutter;
  • We ensure that the glass gutter support provides an additional condensation gutter and drain to keep the sides of the panels dry and prevent the system from being unnecessarily stressed by the weight of (standing) water;
  • Depending on the cooling requirements, the greenhouse roof system can be fitted with standard vents, continuous vents, or tempered glass vents in the opposite deck half.

The system also meets local building standards and the panel supplier's strict requirements for panel support, bracing and cooling.

Our integrated solar system solution is therefore adapted to the specifications and requirements of the solar panel supplier. In addition, the maximum allowable panel deflection, load requirements, panel dimensions, heat absorption and panel materials are carefully considered. These, together with specific customer requirements for light transmission and water collection and drainage, determine the final design of the system.

Benefits at a glance

  • Suitable for a wide range of solar panels;
  • Waterproof solution thanks to the four-sided neoprene rubber panel overlay and an additional drainage system at the bottom of the panels;
  • Well-protected and heat-resistant cover strips on the deck rods and gutters;
  • Realization of optimal cooling by means of well-matched vents;
  • Easy and efficient installation.


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