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Too cold, too warm, too dry, too wet, too little light, too much light, earthquakes, erosion – wherever you go in the world, every region comes with its own challenges and solutions.

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Every country faces its own geographic challenges. For instance, here in the Netherlands, we are faced with rising sea levels, and in Japan, people have to deal with earthquakes. There are also countries which, due to their geographic location, frequently experience hurricanes, monsoon rains, heavy snowfall or long months during which there is little natural light. In order to enable people to grow healthy food in such regions too, we supply our clients with sustainable greenhouses that are appropriate for their situation. For instance, our aluminum greenhouses may be equipped with a super-strong polymer called ETFE, which works extremely well in regions with an increased earthquake risk. Furthermore, our traditional glass greenhouses do a great job of providing cover for crops grown in regions that see a great deal of rain. In extremely warm areas with excessive daylight, a greenhouse covered with polymer film or a cabriolet greenhouse may help growers cultivate crops locally in a sustainable manner.

Multispan poly greenhouse system

The growing global demand for modern greenhouses brings new challenges. In particular, geographical and climatic conditions (erosion, earthquakes, prolonged heat, severe storms, extreme rain and hailstorms, snow, etc.) are challenging growers, greenhouse builders and greenhouse-related suppliers to modify and innovative existing greenhouse system designs.


Poly MX Cabrio

The Poly MX Cabrio is a foil-integrated greenhouse roof system with a fully opening deck for maximum ventilation. This makes it the ideal solution for crops such as bedding plants, trees and plants that need to thrive in an outdoor climate at appropriate times.


ETFE greenhouse roof system

For locations where system ageing due to UV radiation, contamination or mechanical stress from earthquakes, for example, needs to be considered, our innovative ETFE Venlo greenhouse cover system is the ideal solution. The use of F-Clean® branded material in our system ensures high UV light transmission. The film itself is self-cleaning and has unsurpassed resistance to ageing and unexpected external forces.


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