Each location
deserves its own solution

Too cold, too warm, too dry, too wet, too little light, too much light, earthquakes, erosion – wherever you go in the world, every region comes with its own challenges and solutions.

Smaller footprint
Increased yields

How we help to feed the world.
Now and for generations to come.

Sustainable solutions

Generate energy and make better use of available resources. The list of options is growing!

Every type of crop
The right greenhouse

A roof made of glass or polymer film? A cabriolet greenhouse or a semi-closed greenhouse? Each type of crop requires its own greenhouse solution.

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  • Revolutionary alternative to insulating glass
  • Optimal light transmission
  • Energy savings of almost 30%

The 2SaveEnergy® roof system offers you a practical and economical solution for very energy-efficient cultivation.


ID Kas®

  • Up to 60% energy savings
  • Maximum light entry
  • Additional isolation screen not needed
  • Less water usage
  • Can run on low-grade (geothermal) heat
  • Has a very consistent climate

A highly sustainable system in which double glazing with a reflective layer is used for the greenhouse roof and the facades.


Lumenex™ semi-closed greenhouse

  • For situations where cultivation requires both heat and cold
  • Cooling with conditioned outside air
  • Based on the Venlo greenhouse

Energy-efficient, homogeneous and 100% pesticide-free cultivation.


Daylight greenhouse®

  • New generation greenhouse systems
  • Double glazing
  • Movable Energy Collectors
  • Self-sufficient in energy

This system can cover approximately 50% of the heat requirement and creates an optimal light distribution at the plant, resulting in better quality and production.


F-CLEAN® Venlo

Type of cover
Durable ETFE film.

Ideally suited for the sustainable conditioned cultivation of vegetable and ornamental crops, among others, in demanding climatic and geographical regions (sustained heat, high wind speeds, earthquakes etc.).


  • Slim customized construction
  • Maximising operational reliability
  • Optimum light and ventilation
  • Smart condensation and leakage management
  • Professional attention to sustainability objectives

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