Maasdijk, The Netherlands, July 18th , 2023. BOAL Group, a global partner of builders and growers in the field of high-tech horticulture, integrated solar solutions, and in-house extruded aluminum, has achieved an outstanding Morningstar Sustainalytics ESG Risk rating (Environment, Social & Governance) for the second consecutive year.

18 | 07 | 2023

Achieving ambitious goals
With the new and higher rating, BOAL Group claims the 29th position globally out of nearly 16,000 organizations, making it the top-scoring company among all Dutch enterprises. This excellent second ESG Risk Rating, awarded by Morningstar Sustainalytics, demonstrates that BOAL has succeeded in defining an outstanding and clear ESG strategy, with goals that are both challenging and realistic to implement. The solid framework ensures the achievement of ambitious targets and continuous improvement of BOAL's ESG performance.

Adri Pols, CEO of BOAL Group, is delighted with the higher rating: "Clearly, I am extremely proud that we have managed to integrate our ESG-strategy effectively into our business processes and deliver on our sustainability commitments. The ESG risk assessment of Morningstar Sustainalytics' provides us with solid guidance and it challenges us to continuously improve. Throughout the past year, our entire organization has been dedicated to implementing improvements in all areas that contribute to sustainability, social cohesion, and transparency. Every part of our group of companies has come to realize that only through collective action we can truly make a difference. And how wonderful it is to be rewarded for our hard work? It is the recognition for our efforts, and even more importantly, our efforts will contribute to a better world for future generations."

Stefan Eggers, BOAL Group ESG Director, is enthusiastic about the impact the ESG-rating is making within BOAL, as well as towards its customers in terms of Scope 3: "The goals we have set for ourselves as an organization are ambitious. We can now demonstrate that we have achieved nearly every annual ESG target, which means that sustainability is at the core of our business and our employees are not only aware of these goals, but also act upon them. Ultimately, this is beneficial for everyone. With this rating our customers know that, by using our products and services, they can achieve a positive impact on the final product they deliver. In the case of a vegetable grower, this means not only reducing the CO2 footprint of, for example their tomatoes, but also having a positive impact on the biodiversity in their immediate environment."

Foundation for well-informed investment decisions
The ESG-rating, awarded by leading rating agency Morningstar Sustainalytics, measures the level of ambition and compliance in the field of ESG within organizations on an annual basis, making it an essential component in making well-informed investment decisions for customers, investors, and other stakeholders. On an annual basis Morningstar Sustainalytics assesses over 16,000 companies worldwide and has the broadest coverage of analyst-based ESG risk assessments in the market.

Recently, BOAL published its 2022 Sustainability Report.

About BOAL

BOAL Group provides builders, growers and investors with a comprehensive portfolio of modular solutions for high-tech covered cultivation and solar applications. It ranges from complete aluminum greenhouse structures with integrated solar, insect netting and ventilation solutions to insulated storage areas, climate screen systems or individual greenhouse parts. BOAL has a unique position in the value chain, with its in-house extruded aluminum, which is 100% recyclable and a proven key differentiator.

Having established long-term collaborative relationships with regional and global partners, BOAL has supplied over 8,000 hectares of greenhouses, countless extrusion projects and is a reliable partner in solar mounting applications and solar carports in over 50 countries. BOAL’s solutions significantly contribute to feeding and powering a rapidly growing global population, whilst minimizing the use of resources.

More information
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