Maasdijk, The Netherlands.

BOAL Group, a leading partner for builders and growers in high-tech greenhouse horticulture, integrated solar solutions, and a specialist in in-house extruded aluminum, has once again strengthened its position as an ESG leader this year. By rising to the 33rd position in the Global Top 50 ESG Risk Rating by Morningstar Sustainalytics, BOAL Group achieves the status of the highest-ranked Dutch company. BOAL Group also joins the Global Top 1% and is the highest-ranked company in its industry worldwide.

17 | 01 | 2024

This recognition for the second year in a row is a testament to BOAL’s successful and proactive approach in integrating sustainability and responsible entrepreneurship into all aspects of its business operations. “Our strong and clear ESG strategy, characterized by challenging but realistic goals, has once again translated into improved ESG performances and this prestigious listing,” says Stefan Eggers, ESG Director at BOAL Group.

Adri Pols, CEO of BOAL Group, shares his enthusiasm: “It is an honor to receive this recognition again, which confirms that we are on the right course with our ESG strategy. Our collective commitment to sustainability, social responsibility, and transparency has a positive impact on our community and contributes to a better future.”

Sustainalytics’ ESG Risk Ratings cover more than 15,000 companies across 42 industries. The 2024 Top Ratings can be viewed here: 2024 Top-Rated ESG Companies List

Positive impact on the entire supply chain: from aluminum to high-tech greenhouse

The impact of this strategy extends beyond BOAL’s business processes. As Eggers emphasizes, “This rating impacts the entire supply chain. Our suppliers, customers and partners therefor play a crucial role. So with our products and services, our customers can make a positive impact on their end products and operations, from reducing the CO2 footprint to strengthening biodiversity in their environment. In the end, everyone benefits, including the end consumer.”

“The importance of this ESG score is underscored by the way it guides investment decisions, not just for our company but also for our suppliers, customers, investors, and other stakeholders.”

About BOAL Group

BOAL Group provides partners and investors with a comprehensive portfolio of modular solutions for high-tech covered cultivation and solar applications. It ranges from complete aluminum greenhouse structures with integrated solar, insect netting and ventilation solutions to insulated storage areas, climate screen systems or greenhouse parts.

BOAL has a unique position in the value chain, with its in-house extruded aluminum and metalworking expertise, proven key differentiators and 100% recyclable aluminum. Having established long-term collaborative relationships with regional and global partners, BOAL has supplied over 8,000 hectares of greenhouses, more than 15,000 different extrusion profiles and is a reliable partner in solar mounting applications and solar carports. BOAL's solutions are found in more than 50 countries and significantly contribute to feeding and powering a growing global population, whilst minimizing the use of resources.

The core of BOAL's business strategy is its long-term ESG strategy - to optimize BOAL’s environmental footprint - but also to render BOAL future fit.

Part of the BOAL Group are: BOAL Systems, BOAL Extrusion, Holland Scherming, Holland Gaas, WNL Horti Insulation, and Alumat Zeeman.