Maasdijk, September 7, 2022. Sandwich panel specialist WNL (westnederland) signed a ten-year lease this week with the DAEL Groep from Maasdijk. With the signing, wnl managed to secure a key requirement for further growth.

08 | 09 | 2022

WNL will occupy more than 6000 m2 of production space, more than 600 m2 of office space and more than 800 m2 of loading area and docks within the new premises which will be built on Honderdland in Maasdijk. Ample parking is realized on the roof.

Gert Hollaar, founder and managing director of WNL: “This step again confirms that we are on the right track with WNL. We outgrew our capacity in our current building in Hoek van Holland and with the new location in Maasdijk we can serve our clients all over the world even better. I founded WNL over 15 years ago and it is great to see how the company has grown and developed since then.”

Michel van de Groenendaal, managing director of WNL is enthusiastic about the relocation that will take place at the end of 2023: “Not only does it match WNL's growth ambition, the new building also fits in seamlessly with what WNL stands for in terms of sustainability. With more than 4000 solar panels, LED lighting, heat pumps and modern climate control, the location is extremely future-proof. Within the BOAL Group, which includes WNL, ESG (Environment Social & Governance) is high on the priority list.”

About WNL

WNL Horti Insulation offers innovative and high-quality insulation systems for roof cladding, gable cladding and sheet piling for buildings in the horticultural sector and others. The WNL sandwich panels have excellent insulation properties and can be applied in all environments and climates.

From left to right: Cees van de Heuvel (CFO BOAL Group), Michel van de Groenendaal (WNL), Andre van der Hout (DAEL Group), Gert Hollaar (WNL), Klaas van der Hout (DAEL Group), Elco Bouwmeester (Batenburg Corporate housing), Adri Pols (CEO BOAL Group)

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