Tomates Lis collaborates with BOAL and Rufepa in the realisation of an innovative and sustainable glass greenhouse in Alicante, Spain. José Ignacio Cuerva, Technical Director of Tomates Lis, spearheaded the ambitious project that aims to bring horticulture in Spain to a new level. Equipped with advanced technology, the state-of-the-art greenhouse is capable of cultivating high-quality tomatoes with fewer resources, making it a sustainable investment that reduces its impact on the environment.

21 | 03 | 2023

The glass greenhouse is equipped with energy-saving screens and sustainable integrated pest management through insect netting, making it an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional greenhouses. The microclimate inside this high-tech greenhouse enhances the quality of the crops and maintains their health, and it is less susceptible to the effects of various weather conditions in the region.

It was Rufepa, the main contractor in this project, who provided the design, the grow systems and building expertise to their client Tomates Lis, while BOAL supplied the roofing system, insect netting, and screen solutions. Together, the three companies successfully brought Tomates Lis' vision of sustainable and efficient horticulture to life. Fred Tanke is happy with the result: “We are proud to have played a part in this innovative project in the region. Together with trusted greenhouse builder Rufepa, with their local building expertise combined with our engineering power, we were the perfect match for Tomates Lis' high-tech project.”

With phase one already completed and in full operation, and phase two underway, Tomates Lis is pushing the boundaries of sustainable farming. The glass greenhouse equipped with energy-saving screens and sustainable integrated pest management through insect netting has proven to be the right choice for Tomates Lis.

In conclusion, the collaboration of Tomates Lis, Rufepa and BOAL has resulted in the successful creation of a high-tech glass greenhouse. It is a testament to their shared goal of excellence and their commitment to bringing sustainable and efficient horticulture to the Valencian Community.

Watch the video of the project here: