Vision 2030

A world to conquer for BOAL greenhouse roof systems
The Netherlands and in particular the Westland region is the birthplace for conditioned growing in the horticultural sector. BOAL Systems is one of the founders of the development of the modern greenhouse. We take pride in holding a prominent position within the chain of greenhouse builders and suppliers and we would like to develop this position.
We specialize in developing, manufacturing and selling aluminium roof and sidewall systems for both glass and poly greenhouses. Our high-quality products are used on multiple continents and therefore make a significant contribution in meeting the increasing global demand for food.

Strong through partnership
Rooted in the traditions of the family business, we attach great importance to entering into, maintaining and developing long-term relationships while focusing on our customers’ success. In collaboration with a large number of different partners (growers, greenhouse builders, system suppliers, knowledge institutes etc.), BOAL Systems develops its integrated solutions for roof and sidewall systems for greenhouse construction. We are beneficial to our partners and together with them, we take on new opportunities.

Innovation as a driving force
Over the years, BOAL Systems has proven its expertise by constantly developing new greenhouse roof structures, thereby enabling us to improve the growing conditions for crops and the grower’s economic return.

Globally, there is an increase in the demand for F-Clean® and poly greenhouses for conditioned growing, where extreme climatological conditions (such as sun, wind, rain, snow etc.) often form a particular challenge. We take on these challenges and anticipate specific demands for the ease of construction, construction safety, and sustainability. BOAL Systems therefore remains a leading global player in the field of glass and poly roof systems.


Our people make the difference
The success of our company is the achievement of our skilled staff. That is why we want to be an attractive employer and offer the professional environment to get the best out of each other and our organization.

Our sector and our organization are in full development. To be successful in these developments at BOAL Systems we work as a Specialist with Passion on an Optimum customer experience in a Respectful way. We do this Together. The initial letters of our core values form the word SPORT. This is because we consider strengthening our core values as a top sport and we will continuously improve our performance.

View our video here for more information about our core values. The video is in Dutch.

Interested in working for us? Check our vacancy page for more information.

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