With BOAL F-Clean® you create the best growing conditions to maximize your yield and at the same time reduce most of your major business risks and securing supply chain agreements.

Strategic choice for the best natural light conditions!

Of all factors for indoor cultivation – humidity, CO₂, water, temperature, nutrients & light – light is by far the most essential crop need as it is almost never enough. Using the high end roof covering material F-CLEAN® assures increasing the light transmittance in your greenhouse.

Maximizing yields while minimizing maintenance costs
More natural light is created as we are able to stretch bay sizes and roofbar distances in three different greenhouse configurations (double continuous vent-ing, semi closed and alternated venting). By the extreme tight covering of the F-CLEAN® material there are fewer airgaps in the roof that will influence the indoor climate conditions. More natural light, and especially through F-CLEAN®, improves the quantity and quality for better taste and a higher consumer value in various cultivations like vegetables, fruit, flowers and flowering potplants & cannabis. These improvements combined will boost your profits.

We assure a reliable supply and operation while reducing business risks as the roof system has the best protection against earthquakes, hail and heavy storm and other influences outside your greenhouse. Next to saving labour continuity from external influences, friendly and efficient ergonomics for the roof system has been taken into account.

With F-CLEAN® you will realise a better cultivation climate and more yield of higher quality both by the construction as by the F-CLEAN® covering material. 

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