29 | 07 | 2021

Glass roof and insect netting systems 10 ha. Chrysanthemum grower UGRAND delivered and installed on time

At the end of July, BOAL Systems, Holland Gaas and builder Technokas, together with the other partners involved, reached a new mile stone. Despite the highly variable weather conditions and scarcity of materials in the market, the construction of the UGRAND 10-hectare Chrysanthemum nursery is on schedule: the roof has now been closed and the insect netting systems have also been installed on time.

“It is a challenging project under at least as challenging circumstances,” says Maurice Hartman, director of Technokas. “We are therefore very proud that we, together with all partners, are keeping this extensive project on schedule, so that the grower can plant the first cuttings as early as October.” According to him, the cooperation with the various partners is very close. “That is a must if we want to realize a project in these challenging times. For example, we have been working closely with BOAL Systems for the roof and sidewalls systems for years. In view of the growing scarcity of materials such as glass, steel, certain plastics and aluminum on the world market, we are very pleased that we have a strong relationship with this reliable company. It takes a lot of thinking ahead and staying in touch with each other to ensure that this extensive construction project does not falter.”

Advanced greenhouse cover
BOAL Systems is the supplier that provides the greenhouse cover in this project, on which 4 mm diffuse glass is placed. “Prior to the construction phase, we put in a great deal of effort, attention, time and energy to the preparations so that our production and delivery of the roof could proceed on time and according to plan”, says Sander van der Ven (BOAL Systems). “The greenhouse is equipped with a Lumenex® Venlo greenhouse roof system and sidewalls. With this system that can be built quickly, a lot of sunlight penetrates into the greenhouse, which makes a positive contribution to the growth and quality of the Chrysanthemums. We achieve this by using strong and slim profiles in the roof.”

Specific wishes and solutions
When developing the roof system, Technokas and BOAL Systems have opted for a broad basis that offers many adjustments and options for specifying the greenhouse for cultivation optimization. “We take into account the large surface area of ​​the project at various points in the roof and sidewalls. This size of greenhouses have specific demands on loads, choice of material and fastening. Together with Technokas, we took tailor-made solution into account for the grower and his cultivation. Examples of this are the roof and compartment sizes, vent configuration, condensation drainage and dilation effect,” says Van der Ven.

Ventilators with integrated insect netting
Holland Gaas provides the mesh insect netting cassettes in the ventilation windows in this greenhouse roof. This mesh system offers good ventilation options, even with a small ventilation opening. Thanks to the seamless collaboration with BOAL Systems, Holland Gaas guarantees an efficient and quick to install mesh system in the vents. Hartman: "Because the ventilation windows are provided with netting, we also attach netting boxes to the outside of the air handling units, to keep the insects out there as well. This allows growers to further reduce the use of crop protection assistance like pesticides."
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