27 | 07 | 2021

More high quality crop yield by new F-CLEAN® greenhouse

In Bleiswijk, the Netherlands, a greenhouse of Wageningen University & Research (WUR) is equipped with a new aluminium roof system, specially designed for tight and fast tensioning of high-quality and diffuse F-CLEAN® film material. The moment this special project has been completed, initiators Certhon, BOAL Systems, AGC and WUR are happy to give interested parties a behavior.

More yield, worry less
Of all the factors for greenhouse cultivation, light is by far the most essential crop requirement, it can almost never be enough. And more natural light improved the quality and quality for a higher value of vegetables, fruits, flowers, flowering pot plants and cannabis. Using diffuse F-CLEAN as a greenhouse cover guarantees a Hortiscatter (light scattering) of more than 60% in the greenhouse.
At the same time, the use of F-CLEAN increases the grower's production security and delivery reliability, as it reduces major and costly business risks such as hail and storm damage and the material has a high durability, comparable to glass. This makes the greenhouse climate and risk resistant and saves the grower sleepless nights and high maintenance costs.

The deck system offers opportunities to increase hood and compartment sizes and can be equipped with three different ventilation configurations. Using special aids such as the deck carriage, it is possible to stretch the material extremely taut. This deck wagon also plays a major role in the high build quality and speed of the greenhouse and the installation of the F-CLEAN.

The Venlo F-CLEAN greenhouse is part of the Innovation and Demo Center Energy at WUR in Bleiswijk and is partly supported by the program Greenhouse as Energy Source (Kas als Energiebron). The goal of the greenhouse is to improve the production and product quality of various crops, without using artificial light and fossil energy sources. The F-CLEAN cover material plays a major role in this.

The biggest advantages of this roof system:
➡️ Quality boost per m2 in every cultivation, such as an earlier flowering or sweeter fruit
➡️ A Hortiscatter (light scattering) of more than 60% in the greenhouse
➡️ A higher light and UV transmission + fuller spectrum of sunlight that penetrates deeper into the greenhouse
➡️ Reduced chance of hail and storm damage
➡️ High quality diffused cover material with the lifespan of 4 mm glass
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